No Fixed Address System No Fixed Address System No Fixed Address System No Fixed Address System
No Fixed Address System
No Fixed Address System
No Fixed Address System
No Fixed Address System

No Fixed Address System

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While different factors, including the housing crisis and advances in technology, has led to a dramatic rise of nomads in recent years - both by choice and by force. The way people work live love and relate to places and each other are being changed. Modern Nomads leverage technology in order to live an independent and nomadic lifestyle without being trapped in a fixed address. But they are facing unnecessary problems. From voting to ordering pizza,the society is not yet able to cater to the increasing needs of this growing group of people. Modern nomads are excluded from the society.

NFA (No Fixed Address) system proposes a new system with a static postcode tied to a dynamic, impermanent address, allowing modern nomads to participate in a functional society that respects alternative ways of living.

Modern nomads can register as NFA user, being assigned an NFA postcode and receive an NFA device. Once the user find a place to settle down, place NFA device in a visible location then use fingerprint to activate the GPS. The location will be linked to the NFA postcode. Services requiring address can reach the user’s current location via NFA postcode. NFA system also creates address history of the users to establish credits as proofs of their existence in the society allowing users to access services such as mortgage, visa, etc.

Modern nomads are not hiding, modern nomads are not trying to break any laws, modern nomads simply live a different way of life, why do modern nomads have to tolerate pressing issues brought by the obsolete mindset of having a fixed address?

NFA system seeks to normalise and formalise the nomadic way of living through the proliferation of the No Fixed Address system. By becoming part of the norm, modern nomads will be able to become more intermeshed into our static, rigid society. Diversity should be respected in our great democracy.


Dutch Design Week, Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, 2017

Core77 Design Awards, 2018 ​